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Social Communication Groups

June 19, 26

July 10, 17, 24, 31

August 7, 14

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PAUSE and THINK on your feet!

There will be situations that may cause conflict, disagreements, and unhappy surprises when we

allow our emotions to take over. Don’t you wish you had a Pause button? Using improvisation, with scene set-ups, we will learn how to deescalate using inner voice chat, breathing, and better verbal choices. This Summer we focus on strategies for ‘brief’ communications that give us time to ‘pause’ and respond later with a cooler mind.


On your feet Speech:

*Refresh those speech sound errors through increased articulatory precision* Apply intelligibility strategies

On your feet Reading:  

*Orton Gillingham: Intermediate Level *metalinguistic development *morphological analysis
*encoding/decoding explicit practice*increased rate and fluency *Comprehension skills and learning strategies

On your feet Written Expression:

*prewriting organizing * sentence level construction variation * paragraph and multi-paragraph writing * analytical writing skills *revising/editing

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