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                       ACT AS IF  Social Communication Groups                  



June 14, 21, 28

July  12, 19, 26

August 2, 9,  



Contact Laura to check availability for small group pragmatic language treatment





           *Remediate speech sound errors through
          increased articulatory precision 
           * Apply intelligibility strategies

Language Development :  

*Increase communicative competency through language processing

and production work:

focus on semantic and morphosyntactic features of language



                      Orton Gillingham Groups: Intermediate Level
                        *metalinguistic development *morphological analysis
* encoding/decoding explicit practice
* increased rate and fluency

                                Comprehension skills and learning strategies instruction

           Written Expression:

                  Use an executive functioning approach to writing:
                    *Develop paragraph and multi-paragraph writing
                *Apply editing nd revising strategies


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