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Comprehensive speech and language evaluations are available upon request and strongly recommended before beginning any course of treatment.    Baseline information is crucial to document, so that positive change can be measured. Keep in mind the following process:


  • Evaluations generally require 3-4 hours of testing time and may address any combination of the following:

                        Speech sound production


                        Speech fluency

                        Language processing

                        Language production


                        Written expression

                        Pragmatic Language (including social skills)


  • The process also includes:   analysis and interpretation of data, report writing, and a feedback session

  • Evaluations are billed at an hourly rate

"Laura goes above and beyond the call of duty.  She is in constant  communication with her student's teachers and parents and always willing to meet with them to strategize what is best for the  student.



"Laura's professional approach to problem solving in complex adolescent issues encompasses a practical, realistic program, that produces long-term results."

 -Licensed Psychologist


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