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He just got back from college last night.

He is doing great! Thanks for all you and your team did for him.  We think it made a big difference.




It sounds like you are covering some really important skills, as usual! 




Thank you, it sounds like you are covering some critical skills, and the kids are having fun doing it!  I know _____really enjoyed the class.




Act As If  is a social communication program that uses improvisational acting technique as its base to address nuts and bolts skills as well as more complex social dynamics. We use unscripted scene work to experience the freedom of making choices, observe, and allow for 'redos' to model a more positive outcome. This way, from the perspective of 'player' and 'audience' we imprint appropriate interaction behaviors and then scaffold from there. Our programs are appropriate for a range of ages, cognitive levels, and learning profiles.  Each group is team facilitated by a speech/language pathologist and an actor both trained in the Act As If method. Our goal is to improve communication competence, social reciprocity and confidence. Some of the skills we tackle are body talk, initiating, conversation, negotiating, small talk, friendship, and flexibility.




A screening intake appointment is scheduled to assess whether your child is a fit for our program.  We address a variety of communication levels, but a basic verbal foundation is necessary with an amount of metalinguistic skills in order to be able to engage in improvisation exercises.  Age, communication level, areas of personal interest, level of reciprocal communication, sustained attention and cognition are all considered when screening for a group fit.  Ages range from 5- 18 years old.




We run 16-week semesters during the school year and a variety of summer programs. Semester 1 runs from September to January, and Semester 2 runs from February to June.  Enrollment is open, so it is possible to join at any time during the semester with prorated fees.




Baseline data is collected through a parent checklist and a review of any previous testing, school progress reports, or assessments. Communication goals will be established from this information. Weekly group updates are emailed and a semester progress report with recommendations is developed at the end of the semester.




Semester tuition is paid in two installments which includes a report fee.  Progress report fees are included in the semester tuition.

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